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Mortgage Loan Processor

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ · Banking/Loans
An established Mortgage Lender in Bergen county is looking for an experienced loan processor to be part of a team that puts customer service first. Hiring Full time with health benefits, paid vacation. Open to performance-based pay or flat salary to accommodate the candidate's compensation preference. 
Must have been working as a loan processor with in the last 6 months to be considered. 
The Mortgage company management team knows a good processor is a key position to a well-running office. Looking to compensate very competitively and provide a good work environment. This hire is strategically important and the position will only be offered to the right candidate. 
The complete Job Description with very specific tasks required to be completed is listed below.
The ideal candidate will be outgoing and not afraid to engage in our hiring process. Since the position description is broad and a lot of candidates statistically will be applying, the candidate must be willing to complete a video interview. 
If you are interested in working for a professional organization that is organized and values the true role of a mortgage processor, we would like to speak with you. 
About the hiring process. THIS IS A DIRECT HIRE (No recruiter or Agency fees) Hire S2NC is not a recruiter or an employment agency
  • Qualifying candidates will be offered a one-way video interview opportunity during the early stages of the selection process. We highly recommend you engage in this step to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • The Mortgage company uses www.Hires2nc.com for the video interview because they are a neutral third-party facilitator that uses a respectful and supportive hiring process.
  • In our 2nd stage of selections, The Executive Vice President will personally review candidates who have completed the video interview or have communicated their willingness to complete it.
The initial one-way video interview will consist of 6 simple questions.
Loan Processor Job Description
The loan processor is responsible for all communications once the loan file is submitted for approval. Borrowers and partners will work directly with the loan processor to clear any/all conditions in order to satisfy mortgage contingency and close on time. This is all accomplished in an organized manner to maximize efficiency without disrupting the processor's daily work routine. The processor will work directly with 3 team members to accomplish all required tasks.
Mandatory Requirements
  • Currently employed or previously employed as a mortgage processor within the last 6 months
  • Exceptional organizational skills
  • Exceptional communication skills- Candidate will be speaking directly with referral partners and borrowers to consummate transactions.
  • Capable of taking charge in the leadership role of inside processing staff
Specific General Tasks
  • Responsible for reviewing AUS, credit and income/asset documents to make certain files are complete and meet product guidelines.
  • Responsible for reviewing appraisal once complete to make certain value is acceptable and if repairs are required.
  • Responsible for reviewing approval to make certain terms are accurate and all conditions are applicable before sending out to the borrower and/or other file contacts. The processor is to contact the underwriter directly with questions regarding approval.
  • Inputting approval conditions into LOS
  • Sending approval notifications to all applicable parties
  • Contacting all applicable parties to review approval and requirements. The loan processor is responsible for making sure the borrower and partners understand exactly what is required of them and the time frame in which items are expected.
Conditions (review and submission)
  • Responsible for reviewing all conditions provided by borrowers and/or partners prior to submitting to the underwriter.
  • Make certain to communicate with the borrower and/or partners when documents received are not what is required or un-acceptable within 24 hours of receipt of documents.
  • Borrowers and/or partners should be contacted weekly regarding file status and outstanding items.
Mortgage Commitment
  • Make certain to provide borrowers and/or partners with notification mortgage commitment/mortgage contingency has been met. This is to be sent once approval reflecting appraisal has been cleared is received.
Pipeline Management/General
  • Expiration dates for file documents, approval, etc. to be monitored
  • Borrower and/or partners should understand they are to contact the loan processor for questions regarding approval, closing, or conditions. All questions regarding fees or rates should be directed to the loan officer.
Do you believe there is a better way to process mortgage loans?

If you are confident this job sounds perfect for you or its exactly what you do or wish your company had you doing, We look forward to seeing your interview.

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